The first of it's kind, veterinarian-recommended album designed to help dogs feel happy, safe, comforted and loved when they have to be left alone.



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Songs For Dogs was designed with a dog’s ear in mind. Pleasant and enjoyable sounds specific to dogs will capture your companion’s interest, and was created so people can enjoy it too. By playing with your dog in a pleasant manner prior to leaving them home alone, your dog can learn to associate this dog-friendly music with their experiences with you while listening to it. Just like humans, dogs learn and retain memories through rehearsing the same task over and over. This positive interaction between you and your best friend can help alleviate anxiety in your dog when you leave.



Music scholar and dog lover Taylor Brown composed, produced, recorded and performed all of the instruments and vocals on the album with the help of his best friend Nala, and veterinarian father providing guidance along the way.

Taylor's dad, Dr. Kenneth D. Brown, is recognized by the Consumer Research Council of America, as being one of the top veterinarians in the United States. 

Taylor Brown and his dad, Dr. Kenneth D. Brown DVM

I believe, that when used properly, this unique, dog-friendly music is one of the most ground-breaking and revolutionary drug-free approaches for preventing and treating separation and anxiety problems in dogs that I've seen in my forty two years as a veterinarian. Anxiety brought on by owner separation is an enormous problem, and a natural and effective solution like this has been long overdue.

-Dr. Kenneth D. Brown DVM


Help your dog feel happy whenever you're apart, because for most of us,

they're more than just a pet. They're a member of our family.