In order for your dog to associate Songs For Dogs with positive feelings of love and affection when you’re away, simply enjoy it together first.

By playing with your dog in a pleasant manner prior to leaving them home alone, your dog can learn to associate this dog-friendly music with their experiences with you while listening to it. Just like humans, dogs learn and retain memories through rehearsing the same task over and over.

This positive interaction between you and your best friend can help alleviate anxiety in your dog when you leave.

We’ve known that dogs can learn new behaviors through sound association ever since physiologist Ivan Pavlov’s bell. An instinctual reflex, like salivating over food, can be triggered in dogs through a particular auditory event if that sound has been associated with a consistent and systematic experience. 

Songs For Dogs works in a similar way, by associating feelings of security and love with the music. Not just any music—music designed to appeal to a dog’s unique sense of hearing.

  • Dogs hear radically different than we do. Not only can dogs perceive frequencies nearly two octaves higher than we can, they can also hear sounds up to four times further away. Many of the panicky fits of distress and anxiety we see in dogs during lightning storms and fireworks shows are directly related to this heightened sensitivity to sound.
  • Neurologic studies on our canine companions have indicated that the most influential factor that governs a dog’s emotional state is the tone of a humans voice. By including positive human voices and familiar words in our music, we reinforce the happiness associated with tone of voice.
  • Comforting, dog-friendly sounds throughout the music help engrain an association to the music with feelings and experiences a dog has acquired while listening with their owner.
  • Our heart rate and brain activity naturally responds and syncs to consistent sounds and rhythms and the speed at which they occur around us—a process called entrainment. Entrainment occurs in both humans and animals. Songs For Dogs And The People Who Love Them have selectively calibrated the speed and substance of each song to maximize the entrainment value in your dog.

The lyrical and musical focus of Songs For Dogs is based on the profound love we have for our pets. As fellow dog lovers, we’ve dug deep into our souls to access the most endearing and sentimental emotional indicators that bond us with our dogs.

The concept in how it works is simple. Because a dog is unable to comprehend or decipher most of the things we say around them, they interpret the majority of what we tell them through the tone of our voice and our body language. Because music is a universal language, it has no communication barriers between dog and person to share the same emotional experience, and it can serve as a new and additional means of bonding with one another.