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This music was developed with the help of veterinarians

Here's what they have to say

We now know that animals love music and respond positively to certain types of music. We also know that the experiences our dogs acquire in their living environment and the stimuli or lack of stimuli it provides, especially during the early stages of development, are more influential in the development of anxiety disorders than their genetics. This music was meticulously developed with both audible and inaudible sounds that are particularly comforting and appealing to dogs, but made so people can enjoy it too. I firmly believe that when used properly, this dog friendly music could be a promising drug free alternative for the prevention and treatment of separation and anxiety problems in our dogs. By providing genuinely fun, positive and emotionally uplifting auditory content for dogs when they’re alone, your canine friend can associate these pleasant indicators with the feeling and security of being loved and ideally find comfort in it while your away.

Help your dog feel happy and loved with Songs For Dogs And The People Who Love Them, because for most of us, our dogs are more than just a pet. They’re a member of our family.
— Dr. Kenneth Brown, DMV

As a veterinarian exclusively focused on small animals, I am often presented with questions about anxiety in dogs and ways to help them cope. I think music tailored to dogs is a bombshell idea! Not only are these songs specifically written with dogs in mind, they are very catchy, upbeat tunes. If pet parents enjoy the music, they will be more likely to try this music conditioning with their furry friends. Songs For Dogs has the potential to successfully treat separation anxiety without medication or other intensive interventions.
— Dr. Bobbi Jo Lund, DVM

Dogs who panic when they’re alone can learn how to cope with separation from their owners. They can even learn how to enjoy being alone in their own familiar environment.”
— Dr. Christiane Youngstrom, DVM

The moment I put on this record, my dog Excel was enthralled. His ears were perked, his tail started wagging, and he seemed to genuinely enjoy the album. I’ve been working with Excel to positively associate the music with feelings of love and positivity, and now when I leave the house, I feel comfortable knowing he has his own soundtrack to jam out to.
— Anna Paige, Dog lover


"Today the number of dogs euthanized in America each year tragically hovers around thirty million, and the number one reason for dogs being euthanized in America is due to behavioral problems. There is of course a multitude of factors that contribute to each situation and like you and me, dogs have vastly different characteristics and personalities as well as genetic predispositions and personal experiences to draw their behavior from. However, many of the problematic behaviors that indicate separation anxiety are found near the top of the list for reasons that people relinquish their dog. This of course is far too complicated to simply generalize and most of the time is considered a last resort long after many attempts to recalibrate the behaviors have been made. 

The ultimate goal of Songs For Dogs And The People Who Love them is simply to introduce what we believe may act as a preventative measure for the development of some behavioral conditions that are created over time and through experience in isolated and unpleasant environmental conditions. By creating a dog friendly atmosphere while we’re away from our furry friends we hope to see a decrease in the number of anxiety problems that require medical attention and a decrease in the number of pets that are euthanized each year due to the development of irreversible behavioral conditions. 

I believe that the full power of music’s effect on all of us and the full scope of how it relates to all living organisms still remains beyond our grasp. Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Veterinary practices throughout the world are acknowledging that there are measurable improvements to the overall healing process when certain music is played for patients. As we continue to make breakthroughs in our understanding of physics, nature and the inner workings of ourselves and the entire universe we find more and more reasons to believe that we and everything around us is in some way connected. Vibrations and frequencies are found in overwhelming abundance throughout everything from the incomprehensibly tiny inner mechanics of quantum particles that form to make each of the one hundred trillion atoms found in every one of our blood cells, as expressed through string theory, all the way to the faint rhythms we detect from cosmic pulsars hundreds of millions of light years away. For all of us that have been greatly affected by the immense emotional power of music throughout our lives, I think it’s safe to speculate that there is certainly something that exists within it that remains beyond our current understanding. At any rate, I hope you and your best friend enjoy these songs together."

- Taylor Brown, Songs For Dogs creator